Discover Scarlett, a brain training app on tablet, designed by Dynseo that helps you train your memory at your own pace.

The Dynseo team is very involved in Alzheimer’s research. With more than 30 games already available, players can use their ancient memory.


Scarlett goes everywhere with you, as the app does not need Wi-Fi to work (Wi-Fi required only for updates).


Did you know that every year about 350 thousand people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease in the world?


Today, Scarlett follows seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease thanks to their speech therapists and occupational therapists, at home, or in professional facilities and retirement homes. All the establishments that wish to subscribe to the Scarlett program can benefit from a web monitoring platform to see the evolution and the improvement of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to personalize their care.

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Alzheimer’s is a degenerative pathology, so the goal of cognitive stimulation is to slow down the cognitive decline. Therefore, working with a person with Alzheimer’s is possible with adapted activities. The type of activity depends on the stage of the disease and the needs of the senior.
The Scarlett program can be used at each stage of Alzheimer’s and can be adapted to each senior.

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I want to receive the complete guide to support for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


Stage 1 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, there are no obvious symptoms yet. Cognitive stimulation can be offered to maintain cognitive functions active.

You can use the games at the difficult level and offer games that require good skills:



Put the words in the right order to make up the proverb.

With this game, you can stimulate language, organization, and logic.

brainstorm-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app



Fill in the grid with the numbers or shapes following the rules of classic Sudoku.

With this game, you can stimulate logic, attention, and the working memory.

If the game is difficult with numbers, there is also a mode with shapes.

sudoku-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app

Stage 2 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, the senior begins to have mild memory problems.

These disorders do not yet affect the person’s daily life, but it is important to identify these symptoms for early intervention.


A Card A Date

Put the proposed events in chronological order.

With this game, you can stimulate the long-term memory and start interesting conversations.

acardadate-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


Furious Cards

Memorize the order of the cards.

With this game you can improve the short-term memory and language.

For example, ask the person to memorize the name of the objects.

furiouscards-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Stage 3 – Alzheimer’s


At this point, the symptoms start to become more obvious, and it is possible to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptoms are often forgetfulness of words or events and difficulty organizing.

You can start using the games at the middle level.



Find the words from the syllables.

With this game, you can stimulate semantic memory and organization (by putting syllables in the right order).

syllabus-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


Crazy Waterfall

Find the differences between the model on the left and the propositions on the right.

In this game you can stimulate attention, working memory and spatial perception.

crazywaterfall-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app

Stage 4 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, cognitive impairments become moderate and affect math skills, memory, or cause mood swings.

Using games can be entertaining and can also influence mood.



Solve the math problems.

With this game, you can stimulate mathematical skills.

calculus-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app



Find the locations of the European countries or US States on the map.

With this game, you can stimulate the memory.

In the “Name the location” mode you can also stimulate the semantic memory.

geography-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Stage 5 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, symptoms become more severe and include temporal-spatial difficulties and loss of independence.

You can start using the Scarlett games at the easy level.


Granny Cooks

Remember the ingredients and the recipe.

With this game, you can stimulate the procedural memory.

grannycooks-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


Scarlett at the ski retreat

Help Scarlett get back to her cottage.

With this game you can stimulate visual-spatial construction and planning.

scarlettski-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Stage 6 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, symptoms are severe, mnemonic skills are weaker and the person needs support for daily activities.


Bouncing Ball

Hit the ball as quickly as possible.

With this game, you can stimulate finger mobility, motor skills and attention.

bouncingball-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


Crazy Chessboard

Remember the position of the squares on the chessboard.

With this game, you can stimulate the immediate memory and the visual memory.

chessboard-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Stage 7 – Alzheimer’s


At this stage, the cognitive deterioration is severe, and the senior can have difficulties interacting with those around him.

Indeed, thanks to the Scarlett games, it is possible to carry out activities in spite of the great difficulties that the person may encounter.



Bubble Link

Connect the bubbles in ascending order.

With this game, you can stimulate sequencing and attention.

bubblelink-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


The Musical Ear

Recognize the proposed sounds from the categories (sounds, instruments, animals).

With this game, you can stimulate auditory discrimination.

Use the “animal” mode with the more fragile seniors, animals are easier to recognize.

musicalear-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Scarlett can be used for home help or in nursing homes. The simple and intuitive interface allows seniors to use it independently.

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, it will be possible to ask the senior to play independently in between sessions to maintain cognitive stimulation.


In Alzheimer’s disease, the connection with caregivers or family becomes ever weaker. Especially for the family, it is difficult to see their loved one without being able to interact with them as before.

Playing is a soothing and fun activity that makes shared moments enjoyable. To that end, Scarlett allows you to create and maintain a bond with the senior. Games are culturally adapted and can evoke memories to be shared and create conversation with the help of images and key words.


The most common games used for bonding are:



Answer general knowledge questions.

quizzle-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app


A Text A Day

Read excerpts of texts from famous writers.

atextaday-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app


Scarlett also offers games for two to maintain the social link, in these games the screen is divided in two and each player plays on his side.

The games that have the 2-player mode are:



Find the right shape or color for the pattern.

colorform-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors


Moles Invasion

Tap the moles as soon as they appear.

molesinvasion-tablet-alzheimer-braintraining-program-for seniors-alz-awareness-games-memory-app-dementia-games-activities-for seniors

Now that you know everything about the Scarlett app, you can try it for free for 7 days.

Then, you can subscribe with the different plans we propose: either our offer for individuals or our offer for professionals.


It is very difficult to accompany an Alzheimer’s patient both emotionally and physically. With Scarlett, we hope to facilitate the care of people suffering from this disease.

An adapted app for people with Alzheimer’s:



A brain training program with more than 30 memory games adapted for people suffering from mild to severe cognitive disorders, such Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

  • A simple interface,
  • 3 levels of difficulty,
  • No WiFi needed

Try the app for free for a week on Android and Apple tablets!

Here are the technical sheets of the games presented, with the cognitive functions stimulated by game

Any user of the Scarlett program can request all of the data sheets for accompanying a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease by email at


And to receive the complete guide to Supporting a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s with the Scarlett Program

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