Why routines are this important for autistic people? Are you having trouble understanding how to implement a routine in your life as a caregiver? Let’s find out more about the routines that people with autism need! Ready to learn more? This is the place to do it!


Why does a person suffering from autism need a routine?

It is quite hard to support an autistic person everyday. Nevertheless, one of the things that is important to consider is the need to establish routines.

For autistic people, the world and life in general can be really unpredictable. So, this makes the outside world really scary for them.

The best way for an autistic person to live a normal life is simply to make sure that they have routines. This way, they will find life much less scary, which is good news.

Routines are the perfect balance. It may seem ridiculous to you, but they really need it to get on with their lives and face the challenges of the world.


What are the different types of routines that can be implemented?

It is important to note that an autistic person may have routines at different levels. In order to make it easier for you to find your way around them, here is a short list of these:

  • Field trips: your child needs specific times to know when you are going to take him to and from school, for example.
  • New people: when you introduce a new person to your child, it can be confusing for them.
  • New places can also be distressing: an autistic person may be distressed even in a familiar place.
  • The organization at home should also be routine. For example, you should eat at the same time and shower at the same time everyday.


What if the routine in question becomes a problem?

Although an autistic person can live his or her life perfectly well with these little routines, there may be times when this is a problem. However, when an autistic person becomes independent, he or she may be afraid of losing these routines or not being organized the way he or she wants.

Also, if your child is starting to have routines, it is important to make some minor changes to them. Why? Simply because it will prevent your child from becoming too rigid and dependent on these routines alone, in the long run.

As you can see, routines can really reassure a person suffering from autism. It helps to avoid any unexpected events that could really upset them! However, if their organization is changed, the autist could really panic!

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