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brain training apps dynseo
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DYNSEO, innovative start-up

DYNSEO has had the pleasure of receiving numerous awards and support since its launch in April 2013, which has allowed us to grow rapidly while being support and benefit from the help of many organization.
With your help, we are proud to be the innovative start-up that we have become today.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

E-Health trophies, in the category “M-Health” – July 2013 at the Summer University of Castres

The Region Ile-de-France and Cap Digital helped us develop music therapy tools, E-motions, as well as a health professional social network.

The Women Entrepreneur Price, awarded by the Parrainer la Croissance organization, on January 29th, 2014, in the “Products and services” with the Growth mention.

The BPI France support to help develop a series of tests on touchpad in early detection of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Finalist in the European App Cup organized by Microsoft in March 2014.

The Solidarity price awarded during the EDHEC Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award, in April 2014.

Nomination by the Region Ile-de-France and Cap Digital to develop the E-Souvenirs app.

Finalist in the Pulse Contest organized by Huawei and the Cuisine du Web.

The Jury’s favourite at the Health Innovative Days (HID) Healthy Aging.

3rd place of the Bouygues Telecom Challenge Start-up and Jury’s favourite nomination.

The Scientipole Initiative price in January 2015.

The Hype Awards 2gethers led by Digischool in May 2015.

The Business France Jury’s Favourite during the International Silver Economy Meeting, in June 2015.

The “Hospital of Tomorrow” price in the Best French E-Health Product Contest, under the “Therapeutic education” in May 2016.

The Silver Economy – Heroes of our time organized by the French magazine Notre temps in October 2017.

The Sylvester price awarded by the Fondation Mederic Alzheimer in June 2018.

1st price for the Autonomy Hackaton, organized by the Haut-de-Seine in June 2018, with the Cultural and Wellness Box .

Nomination for the Scarlett program in the awards. Contest organized to elect the best senior app.

Seas2Grow award received in June 2021 for the Annelies app (Flemish version).

The Apple certification label “Educative app” for the COCO program.

Winner of the project call “Lab e-health” .

Innovation price #Cognitive Sciences


DYNSEO, and your brain is a new hero!